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Our mission is to curate international, handcrafted goods to support global communities and deliver unique, cultural, and ethically-sourced products to people who crave something different and want to contribute to social causes.

Created With Love &  Passion

The Homeland.  Everybody has one, some of us have more than one.  That special place in the world that provides a family, cultural or religious connection.

One of ours is Italy, so we decided to name our company Dalla Patria, Italian for “From The Homeland”. 

We are Jen and Andy.  Our mission is to bring quality handmade religious gifts from Homelands around the world right here to you.  

Thanks for stopping by to see us.  Take a look around.  We are working to add new Homelands every day.  If there is one you would like to see but don’t, drop us a line and let us know.  


Jen & Andy

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This is Our Mission

Dalla Patria - Giving Back

At Dalla Patria, we are looking to bring to you some unique handmade products from Homelands around the world. But just as important to us is our mission to give back. As part of our corporate mission we will give back $1 from each transaction to a charity that is local to the source of our products or provides essential services to help the poor. As a valued customer, we allow you to play a part in our donations. If you have a particular interest in one of our charity partners, add their “product” prior to checking out. This is a no cost product, but it will let us know which charity you’d like to support. While an individual dollar doesn’t seem like a lot, every dollar makes a difference and as we grow this business, we will be able to increase the support that we are providing to these great organizations.


GoodGiftCo is now Dalla Patria!

In Italian, Dalla Patria means “From the Homeland”. When Jen and I started this business, our goal was to bring a little piece of the homeland to people in the U.S. For us, Italy is the homeland. But one of the great things about the U.S. is that people come from all over and every corner of the world is a “Homeland” to someone in the U.S.

Enjoy Dalla Patria,